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Indigenous archaeology & cultural heritage management

Personnel Profiles

Dr Jillian Huntley

Consultant Archaeologist and Specialist Heritage Advisor

Dr Jillian Huntley

Dr J. Huntley is an archaeological scientist based at Griffith University, who specialises in the physicochemical characterisation of ochres (mineral pigments), rock art and shelter/cave environments. Her formal qualifications include a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of New England (2015) and a Bachelor of Arts with Honours from the Australian National University (2006). She works for WHC on an as-needs, casual basis as a specialist heritage advisor and consultant archaeologist.

A field archaeologist with over 15 years of industry experience Jillian’s research blends the physical sciences with archaeological and anthropological approaches. Her collaborative work style blends the physical sciences with archaeological and anthropological approaches.

Jillian’s work has taken place across rugged sandstone escarpments of the Cape York Peninsula, the Kimberley, Sydney Basin and Arnhem Land; the BIF gorges of the central Pilbara; the limestone caves of Island Southeast Asia; and the remote islands of Eastern Torres Strait.

Jillian has a number of professional affiliations being a member of the Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research and an associate membership of the Australian Research Centre for Human Evolution. She is a board member for Pigments Revealed International, the membership secretary for Australasian Research Cluster for Archaeological Science and an editorial board member for the Australian Archaeology Journal. Other relevant memberships include the Australian Archaeological Association (AAA) and the Australian Rock Art Research Association.