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Aboriginal archaeology & cultural heritage management

About Us

Wallis Heritage Consulting

Wallis Heritage Consulting is a leading organisation with professional expertise in Aboriginal cultural heritage and archaeological research. With a commitment to professional excellence, our highly qualified staff set the standard for high quality client outcomes in a timely and cost-effective manner.
By working closely with proponents during the early phases of project planning and development, and providing strategic and professional advice, WHC assists in minimising uncertainty in the complex process of heritage compliance.
Our clients include the resources and energy sector, urban development and civil infrastructure, and Indigenous organisations and corporations.A critical component of our approach is developing and maintaining a strong, constructive working relationship with Aboriginal community stakeholders, community groups and the relevant regulatory authorities, whilst adhering to best archaeological and cultural heritage management practice.
WHC has experience in all states and territories across Australia, with staff based in SA, WA and Qld. We are actively engaged in shaping heritage standards through our extensive involvements in professional, academic and community organisations.

Principal Archaeologist

Dr Lynley Wallis is the Principal Archaeologist with WHC. She has previously held research and teaching ...


Mia has completed a Bachelor of Ancient History at Macquarie University (2013) and Masters of Archaeology and Heritage Management from Flinders...

Specialist Heritage Advisor

Dr Alice Gorman has a B.A. (Hons) from Melbourne University and a PhD from the University of New England. She works on a casual basis for WHC...

Consultant Archaeologist

Since the 1980s Noelene has been involved in archaeological research, consulting and teaching...

Additional Expertise

When required, WHC draws upon the skills and experience of a broader network of casual archaeologists, OSL and radiocarbon dating experts, Indigenous film-makers, GIS specialists, historians, geologists, geomorphologists and geophysicists to meet the requirements of larger projects.