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Indigenous archaeology & cultural heritage management

Personnel Profiles

Dr Noelene Cole

Consultant Archaeologist

Dr Noelene Cole

Since the 1980s Noelene has been involved in archaeological research, consulting and teaching.

While she has in her career, undertaken extensive rock art research (both nationally and internationally), Noelene has also worked in cultural heritage conservation and management, community archaeology, oral history projects and historical and museum collections research. She has also participated in cultural heritage surveys and assessments associated with land tenure resolution, conservation works, infrastructure, mining development and tourism.

Noelene is known for her commitment to community engagement and collaboration with Traditional Owners and has, over her career, built an invaluable network of professional and personal contacts in northern Australia. She has invested a substantial amount of time in her career to campaigning for the protection of Cape York Penninsula rock art in the face of construction and mi

ning development. In recent years she has worked with joint managers (Qld National Parks and Wildlife and relevant Aboriginal Corporations) of newly formed national parks (CYPALs) to develop planning and management strategies for rock art. Working with the Laura Aboriginal community, Noelene was also able to gain statutory recognition of Quinkan rock art through the National Heritage List process.

Her formal qualifications include a PhD (Archaeology/Anthropology) from James Cook University (1998), a BA Hons (Archaeology/Anthropology) from James Cook University (1988) and a BA from the University of Queensland (1969).

Noelene has a number of professional affiliations and registrations with relevant associations including the Australian Archaeological Association (AAA), the Australian Institute of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Studies, and the Australian Rock Art

Research Association. She is also on the Editorial Advisory Board for Australian Archaeology and Queensland Archaeological Research.