Elementor Version 1.5 Released and Updated

Usually we let Plugin updates go by without much fanfare, but the latest update to Elementor 1.5 has some fantastic new features and improvements. If you have struggled with it in the past the Watch the video below, and maybe give Elementor another go. To find out even more about the latest update, head on […]

Updates to Domain Manager

We have Updated the Domain Manager so that you can now see a list of domains that you have registered via Unbranded Space.  You can also view the following details on each domain : Domain Expiry Domain Password Registrant & Contact Details Name Servers With certain types of domains you are also able to update […]

Dashboard Updates

We have made a few small changes to existing features of the dashboard. Domain Names We have changed our provider for Domain Names, and this has resulted in us having to update the Domain Manager so that it can check if a domain exists when registering a new domain. We have also had to update […]